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"Our products are unique and work best in the abusive & demanding environment of your frat house. Our janitorial and maintenance products are superior to household brands you buy at retail stores which are made for Mom & Dad's house.  So, a product made to work ok there may not do the best job in your house!"

Super Long Life, Energy Saving, Rough Service &
High Efficiency Light Bulbs & Fluorescent Tubes

IFC's bulbs last up to 13 times longer! Click here for Demo as to why!

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Featured Lighting Item      
Was: $10.50
Now: $8.50

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Complete Line of Super Heavy Duty Janitorial Supplies

Especially Selected for use in the Abusive Environment of Fraternity & Sorority Houses.

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Featured Janitorial Supply     
Was: $119.95
Now: $119.95

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Specialty Formulated, Industrial Strength Chemicals

for Maximum Cleaning, Deodorizing & Disinfecting of Fraternity and Sorority Houses.

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Featured Chemical Item       
Was: $18.95
Now: $18.95

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For CUSTOMER SERVICE, Please Call IFC Toll Free at: 1-800-494-1055!

For your convenience,
we offer prompt service & delivery to your door!

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    10 Reasons Why We're Out to Earn Your Business!
    IFC Supply offers:

    1. Service To 1,500 Houses
    We're well established and respected in the greek community.

    2. National Distribution, Not Local!
    We offer products you need & won't find by buying locally.

    3. Quality Products That Work!
    Selected specifically for your greek house environment.

    4. Convenience in Ordering!
    Order Toll-free at 1-800-494-1055 or via our web:

    5. Delivery Right To Your Door!
    We provide prompt shipment of all orders via UPS.

    6. Billing Your House's Account!
    Your house's order is automatically set up with 30 day terms.  With certain promotions, terms may vary.

    7. No State Sales Tax!!
    All houses outside Indiana are exempt from paying state tax.

    8. Breaking Up Cases at No Charge!
    Buy one item or more for most all items that we carry.

    9. Records of All Past Business!
    Chances are we have many orders of what you use.

    10. Experienced Sales & Service Reps!
    Expect knowledgeable and courteous assistance.


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